How to pair wine with soup ?

Vegetable soup

A very light and fruity white wine which does not dominate the vegetable soup. Savoie wines can match with vegetable soups, whether it is composed of carrots, leeks, potatoes, zucchini or other seasonal vegetables.

Pumpkin soup

A bright and fresh white wine, which counterbalances the creaminess of the soup. A white wine from Loire Valley made from chenin grape. Peach and acacia notes emphasize the taste of pumpkin, while green apple notes bring some acidity to refresh the creamy texture of the pumpkin soup.

Mushroom soup

A balanced white wine, which combines roundness and acidity. A chardonnay from Burgundy or Beaujolais with aromas of hazelnut, almonds and fresh butter as well as some mineral notes to bring a little freshness.

Fish soup

A dry and mineral white wine, which highlights the iodine side of the fish soup. A Sauvignon blanc from Loire Valley, like a white Sancerre is ideal. Citrus, mint and green apple aromas blend with flint notes to give structured wines, which go very well with a fish soup.

French onion soup

A round and aromatic white wine to soften the strength of the onion while being fresh enough to balance the fat side of the bread and grated cheese. A chardonnay with notes of hazelnut, butter, toast and white fruit. A Côtes-du-Jura is a chardonnay and savagnin blend, an ample and lively wine, perfect to pair with a French onion soup.


A gastronomic rosé from Rhone Valley, warm and round. Red fruits and spices aromas emphasize the taste of tomatoes. Be careful, however, not to be heavy-handed with garlic, which makes a bad match with wine.


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