Brie de Meaux – Fromagerie Dongé


from Lorraine

Milk: Raw Cow’s milk
Type: Semi-soft cheese

Producer: Fromagerie Dongé
Created in 1930 by Etienne Dongé, it is now the third generation that takes over: Luc and Jean-Michel Dongé, around their parents Madeleine and Claude. The small cheese factory in the centre of the village of Triconville perpetuates the passion, the methods of yesteryear as well as a friendliness that animates the staff. For three generations, the family business Dongé continues the spirit, passion and tradition around the love of the Brie de Meaux AOP . For years, producers in the region have been fully involved and produce exceptional milk. According to Dongé, the quality of its cheeses comes from the experience of men, the selection of milk and the maturing of cheese.

Colour: White, downy rind. Straw yellow paste.
Texture: Velvety, smooth, very supple, but not runny.
Palate: Delicate, lactic, mushroomy notes, fine hazelnut flavour.

Pairing idea: Mercurey – Louis Max


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Brie de Meaux – Fromagerie Dongé

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