Hysterie – H.THEORIA



Cardamom, Cranberries, Passion fruit, Galanga, Violet, Espelette chilli pepper, Tarragon

Notes: floral, feminine, acidity, spiceness

500 ml
25,2 % vol.

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“Hysterie” liquor

We navigate between flowers, berries, spices. Cranberry, cardamom, violet but also passion fruit, pepper and even tarragon, it is impossible to fix its taste on any of the ingredients. Hysterie…The notes respond, assemble and mix.

On the nose, floral and feminine, reveals a fragrant caress.
On the palate, the acidity and the spiciness explode with surprising flavors.

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Who are the creators of H.THEORIA ?

The story of H.Theoria liquor is first of all an encounter.
Affective. Sanguine. Skin-deep. Two young entrepreneurs, viscerally curious and passionate.

Marlène Staiger, creative of the duo, is at the crossroads. Between heaven and earth. Trained at the prestigious ISIPCA which prepares the future perfumers and aromaticians, she is a chemist high in Baudelairian poetry and synesthesis. She loves nothing less than the confusion of the senses and the mixing of genres. The trademark of her art.

Camille Hédin is the passionaria of the passion of others, the one who knows how to give impetus to the ideas she believes in. A graduate of EDHEC, Camille has always been fascinated by gastronomy and likes to defend artists of taste. Nothing frightens her, all the enthusiasm. Very young, she makes her weapons at Lenôtre by directing, with a master hand, a team of 20 people. 

L’art et la manière

Liqueurs de créateur (Designer liquor)
A Parisian workshop. Marlène spends the day, the night, tasting, smelling, weighing, assembling for long months… The idea makes its way. There is not always a recipe, rather forms, sounds; the image of a place, a memory, a color. Marlène has the intuition of the measure. It draws from the raw materials, macerates and distillates of the Maison Gabriel Boudier, new sensations until a formula is sketched. Repeatedly corrected and corrected, meticulously, in its multitude of possibilities, until reaching a taste chiseled in a perfect balance. A phenomenal taste.

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