from Cantal, Auvergne.

Milk: Raw Cow’s milk
Type: Semi-soft cheese
Producer: Farmhouse Saint-Nectaire produced and matured at le Bois-Joli in Saint-Diéry (Cantal – Auvergne).

The Chassard family has a cattle that spends most of its time outside in the green fields of Auvergne and eat a very diverse flora. That’s what gives so much flavor and intensity to the milk.

They grow Montbéliardes cows which offer a milk with high potential for cheese making.

Colour: Thin rind with white to grey molds
Nose: Slight mushroom smell
Texture: Soft, smooth and creamy
Palate: Creamy, hazelnut flavor. Delicate mushroomy/nutty taste of the rind that stays in the mouth. And yes: we DO eat the Saint-Nectaire rind!

Pairing idea: Bourgogne Epineuil


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