P&M Corsican Whisky – Single Malt Whisky Signature


from Corsica

Tasting Note: Pronounced Amber Tint. This Single Malt is powerful and fruity, with notes of citrus, candied oranges, and finely roasted woody notes. On the palate notes of vanilla and caramel are also present, then a very persistent and complex finish on smoked, roasted, roasted aromas.

Type of cereal : Spring barley ≥ 50% | Winter barley ≤ 50%
Peat level : 5 ppm | Not peaty
Origin of the brew : Pietra Brewery – Furiani
Type of still : A.Holstein | 1200 |
Type of barrels : French oak high forest 225 |
Cooperage : Seguin Moreau – France
Type of ripening : Ex-barrels of Corsican wines | Vermentinu and Muscat petit grains
Producer : Domaine Gentile – Patrimonio
Water : Col Saint Georges Source Water


Whisky – 70 CL – 42 % vol.

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P&M Corsican Whisky – Single Malt Whisky Signature

Pietra & Mavela

P&M whisky comes from the combination of two great Corsican know-how : Pietra brewery and Mavela distillery.The wash, specially made by Pietra, is distilled at Domaine Mavela in a Holstein pot still. It is then matured at the estate, patiently, for many years. The aging cellar is made of “haute futaie” French oak barrels from the forest of Tronçais, renowned accross the world for the nobility of its wood. Prior to maturation, the casks are entrusted to Corsica’s greatest winemakers, for them to develop their most exceptional vintages. Therefore, in borrowing the tannins of these majestic terroirs, P&M Single Malt inherits a unique character. Elaborated under the auspices of a generous climate, P&M Single Malt benefits from high level of evaporation. By accelerating the maturation process and promoting aromatic concentration, this phenomenon makes each batch exceptionally rich and incomparable


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